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Here are 4 great photos of 'Puck' and 'Pono' taken by their owner David Lominska who is a professional photographer. Check out his website which has exciting action photos of horse Polo Games.

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I recommend the following book on Corgi's:

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi: The Essential Guide for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Lover by Susan Ewing.

Published by T.F.H. Publications Inc., Neptune City, NJ 07753, 2011.

This book is very through - it describes the breed characteristics including temperament, nutrition and feeding, health and diseases, giving medicine, traveling with your puppy, solving behavior problems, training, grooming, puppy proofing your house, introducing your puppy to other animals, and other important things to know.

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"The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a short, compact dog, in keeping with what Welsh farmers needed hundreds of years ago. There wasn't a lot of extra food for feeding a large dog, and they also needed a dog that could do more than herd their cattle. They needed a dog that could catch vermin and who could sound the alarm if there were intruders. The Corgi fit the bill, being brave and agile and possessing the bark of a much larger dog."
(from The Essential Guide for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Lover by Susan M. Ewing.)

corgi male dog

My dogs are Pembroke Welsh Corgis that are AKC registered. I sell the females and males for $2000; ($500 Deposit). The puppies' tails will be docked, the dewclaws removed, and the first set of puppy shots given. The puppies are born and raised in my home and are socialized from birth. I do not ship puppies. When a litter is born, buyers can come, pick out, name, and put a $500 deposit down. (Or pick out from emailed photo). Buyers can come and visit anytime. (Cardigan Corgis and Pembroke Welsh Corgis are separate breeds).

For more information, give me a call at 805-423-3987.

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